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The University of the West Indies

Doctor of Medicine (Urology)

The University of the West Indies offers a  residency training program in urology at the end of which the candidate is conferred the Doctor of Medicine (DM) degree.


This course of training extends over five (5) years and provides structured training in the surgical sub-specialty which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders affecting the male genitourinary system and female urinary tract. The training of a urological surgeon is aimed at producing a graduate who can perform and use appropriately the current techniques in general urology. The first two (2) years are the same as that for the DM General Surgery and the candidate rotates through various surgical subspecialties. He/she, on completion of the required examination at the end of two years, then moves on to part 2 of the program which is spent entirely in urology. In order to be eligible to write the final examination, the candidate must complete a log book of cases as well as a case book of 20 cases with accompanying commentary. Currently the DM Urology is offered at the St. Augustine campus as well as the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies.


Program Directors


Trinidad and Tobago - Dr Lester Goetz     (


Jamaica - Dr. Belinda Morrison  (







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